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Antti-Pekka Jauho's group focuses on the theoretical aspects of future's nanoelectronic components.  We perform calculations of the electronic transport properties of these system using a variety of theoretical methods, such as a combination of Density Functional Theory and Nonequilibrium Green functions, or Generalized Master Equations, or the Density Matrix Renormalization Group.  In recent years a central theme has been the study of vibrations or the mechanical motion of the nanoscale object; the excitation of these vibrations can be caused by the electric current flowing through the system, or by some nonlinear coupling mechanism.  We have devoted a considerable effort in trying to understand the noise and other fluctuation properties in these small systems; this is important because a measurement of the current-voltage characteristics does not always yield sufficient information to unravel the microscopic charge transport processes.  We are also interested in the possibility of using solid state systems for implementing quantum information processing, and a number of projects are focusing on these issues. 


A central part of the theoretical nanotechnology group is the undergraduate and graduate teching. In addition to providing an opportunity for students to find a masters or Ph.D topic, we take great pleasure in introducing students to the quantum mechanical world.

We also supervise both master and bachelor (midtvejs) projects. Please follow the links to see if there are any projects that you are interested in.


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Ørsteds Plads
345 Ø
Kgs. Lyngby
  • Phone: (+45) 4525 5700
  • Fax: (+45) 4588 7762
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