Theoretical Microsystems Optimization

Former organisational unit. 11/06/2015.


Organisation profile

Headed by Associate Professor Fridolin Okkels.


The group is established in 2009, the group is the youngest in the Theory Section. The research is based on topology optimization of microsystems in a framework developed at DTU Nanotech since 2003. The current activities in the group comprise structural optimization of fuel cells, magnetic cooling systems, non-Newtonian fluid systems, and surface properties to enhance specific functionalities. The group use structural optimization to improve existing and propose new micro and

nanosystems, the vision is to unleash the hidden potential in optimizing the geometry of microsystems, and the strategy is to let structural optimization be a natural part in the design phase of microsystems at DTU Nanotech.


Contact information

Ørsteds Plads
345 Ø
Kgs. Lyngby
  • Phone: (+45) 4525 5700
  • Fax: (+45) 4588 7762
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