Technical University of Denmark

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    SME's in Biotechnology in Europe

    Pedersen, J. L. & Saviotti, P.



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    Olesen, O., Campisano, S., Castañer, L., Crean, G., Keersmaecker, R. D., Meyer, K. D., Van Overstraeten, R., Evans, A., Fantini, F., Klein, J. P., Bomchil, G., Freitas, P., Gentili, M., Habermeier, H. U., Hasse, W., Hatzakis, M., Hemment, P., Janssen, G., Lorenz, J., Mouthaan, T., Ricò, B., Langer, E., van den Berg, J. A. & Zwicker, G.



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