Technical University of Denmark

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    Site specific recombination system of lactococcal phage TP901-1

    Hammer, K., Brøndsted, L., Bredahl, L., Daly, C., Heller, K., Ehrlich, D. S., de Vos, W. M., Lillehaug, D., Nes, I. F., Morelli, L., Gasson, M., Venema, G., Konings, W., Heinrich, B., Ritzenthaler, P., Alatossava, T., Rufino, J., Fernández, G., Hernández, P. E., Vogel, R. F., Schleifer, K., Back, W., Vuyst, L. D., Warner, P., Kersters, K., van der Aar, P., Van Broekhoven, A., Le Page, R. W., Eric Saman, Mercenier, A., Pouwels, P., Brink, T., Pozzi, G., Delcour, J., Marteau, P., Conway, P., Hammes, W. P. & Suarez, J. E.



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  4. Completed

    Spontan dannelse af uorden i glasser

    Gil, T., Mouritsen, O. G., Ben-Shaul, A., Fogedby, H. C. & Hansen, F. Y.


    Project: PhD

  5. Completed
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