Technical University of Denmark

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    Magnetic scanning of peripheral nerve activity - A new tool in clinical neurophysiology

    Nordahn, M. A., Jacobsen, C. S., Burghoff, M., Hansen, J. O. B., Holst, T., Krarup, C., Jensen, J. A., Koch, H. & Nenonen, J.


    Project: PhD

  6. Completed

    Modeller for trafik- og lokaliseringsadfærd

    Rich, J., Nielsen, O. A., Algers, S., Brundell-Freij, K. & Madsen, B.


    Project: PhD

  7. Completed

    Modelling of the geoid and the north Atlantic Sea level

    Hilger, K. B., Ersbøll, B. K., Nielsen, A. A., Madsen, H., Switzer, P. & Windfeld, K.


    Project: PhD

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