Technical University of Denmark

  1. Completed

    Development and Investigation of Evacuated Windows Based on Monolithic Silica Xerogel Spacers

    Svendsen, S., Jensen, K. I., Schultz, J. M., Fricke, J., Chevalier, J. L., Achard, P., Pajonk, G., Durant, M., Henning, S., Einarsrud, M. & Mølholm, N. B.



  2. Completed
  3. Completed
  4. Completed

    European Centre for mathematics and technology of urban water pollution.

    Harremoës, P., Warnaars, E., Spliid, H., Hvidtved-Jacobsen, T., Aalderink, H., Matos, M. R., Andreadakis, A., Butler, D., Dupont, R., Dørge, J., Heras, J. G., Gujer, W., Nelen, F., Pinto, A. D., RevittRevitt, M., Svensson, G., Tyson, J. & Verworn, H. R.



  5. Completed
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