Technical University of Denmark

  1. Completed

    Project: PhD

  2. Completed

    Investigation of the Effectiveness of Co-Array Fortran

    Hansen, P. C., Rasmussen, J. M. & Reid, J.



  3. Completed

    Investigation of the properties of dredged limestone fill

    Foged, N. N., Gordon, A., Hansen, H. K., Anderse, K. S. & Larsen, O. S.



  4. Completed

    Kinetic theory of linear and branched polymers in shear-free deformations

    Neergaard, J., Hassager, O., Schieber, J., Szabo, P., Hulsen, M. A. & Keunings, R.


    Project: PhD

  5. Completed

    Project: PhD

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