Technical University of Denmark

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    Optimeret støberriteknik for SG-jern via computersimulering

    Aagaard, R., Bjørklund, B. I., Hattel, J. H., Hansen, P. N. & Ottosen, P.


    Project: PhD

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  7. Completed

    EMAC campaigns

    Grinder-Pedersen, J., Christensen, E. L., Dall, J., Kristensen, S. S., Madsen, S. N., Rezai, M., Sørensen, P., Woelders, K., Theakstone, W., Guneriussen, T., Hallikainen, M., van de Griend, A., Attema, E. & Wooding, M.



  8. Completed

    SESDIP, Structural Evaluation of Synthesis of Distributed Industrial Processes

    Jantzen, J., Bahar (fratrådt), M., Karcanias, N., Koivo, H., Malabre, M., Groumpos, P., Mantzari, P. & Dion, J.



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