Technical University of Denmark

  1. Completed

    3D-SEM Metrology for Coordinate Measurements at the Nanometer Scale

    Carli, L., Dirscherl, K., Horsewell, A., Mandix, K., Le, K. H., Savio, E. & da Costa Carneiro, K.


    Project: PhD

  2. Completed
  3. Completed

    3D Shape Modeling Using High Level Descriptors

    Dahl, V. A., Godskesen, R. L., Gade, A. C., Paulsen, R. R. & Sporring, J.


    Project: PhD

  4. Completed

    Project: PhD

  5. Completed
  6. Completed
  7. Completed

    3D Synthetic Aperture Imaging and Implementation

    Andresen, H. S., Nikolov, S., Jensen, J. A., Jensen, H., Wilhjelm, J. E., Torp, H. & Stepinski, T.


    Project: PhD

  8. Completed

    3D vector flow imaging

    Pihl, M. J., Jensen, J. A., Nikolov, S., Munch, N. J. & Wilhjelm, J. E.


    Project: PhD

  9. Completed

    3D Vector Flow Imaging

    Pihl, M. J., Nikolov, S., Jensen, J. A., Jansson, T., Wilhjelm, J. E. & Nygaard, H.


    Project: PhD

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