Technical University of Denmark

  1. Completed

    3D arbejdsmetode

    Vestergaard, F.



  2. Completed

    Project: PhD

  3. Completed

    Project: PhD

  4. Completed
  5. Completed
  6. Completed
  7. Completed

    3D-model af overfladeflammespredning ved brug af CFD

    Valkvist, M. B. S., Nielsen, P. V., Thomsen, P. G., Steffensen, F. B., Sørensen, L. S., Hertz, K. D., Karlsson, B. & Brohus, H.


    Project: PhD

  8. Completed

    3-D Modelling and Testing of Contact Problems in Resistance Welding

    Nielsen, C. V., Martins, P. A. F., Bay, N. O., Zhang, W., Nielsen, K. B., Hattel, J. H. & Tekkaya, A. E.


    Project: PhD

  9. Completed
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