Technical University of Denmark

  1. Vegansk pølseskin

    Mendes, A. C. L. & Bishnoi, S.


    Project: Research

  2. Open Access Monitor - DK (OAM-DK): Collection, documentation and administration of Open Access publication costs in Denmark

    Thomsen, L., Katberg, L. R., Blaabjerg, N. J., Morthorst, A. M., Christensen, V., Brejnebøl, B., Rosenkrantz Hansen, C., Sand, A. A., Schneider, A. W., Pedersen, C. D., Mikkelsen, L. I., Hansen, L. A. J., Hansen, B. A., Andersen, D., Svendsen, M., Schelde, S., Thorst Melbye, A. & Worm Thomsen, L.


    Project: Research

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