Technical University of Denmark

  1. 2011
  2. Effective Development and Verification of Railway Control Software

    Anne Elisabeth Haxthausen (Speaker), 21 Jan 2011

    Activity: Lecture and oral contribution

  3. 5th International Symposium Hydrogen & Energy

    Didier Blanchard (Participant), 23 Jan 201128 Jan 2011

    Activity: Participation in conference/workshop/course/seminarOrganisation of and participation in conference

  4. Bedre økonomi i private solfangere: Politiken

    Simon Furbo (Interview person), Politiken, 24 Jan 2011

    Activity: Appearance in mass mediaParticipation in Interview for Printed Media

  5. EPIZONE Short term mission

    Tanya von Rosen (PhD. Student), National Veterinary Institute (SVA), Uppsala, Sweeden, 24 Jan 201111 Feb 2011

    Activity: Other research and communication activitiesOther

  6. Opponent for PhD ved Stavanger Universitet i Norge

    Kirsten Jørgensen (Censor), 24 Jan 2011

    Activity: Other research and communication activitiesExternal teaching and subject coordination

  7. Dansk Metallurgisk Selskab

    Grethe Winther (Secretary), 25 Jan 201125 Jan 2017

    Activity: Participation in council, board, committee and networkMembership in committee, council, board

  8. Electromagnetic Analysis using Computer Simulation Technology

    Vitaliy Zhurbenko (Coordinator), 25 Jan 201125 Oct 2011

    Activity: Participation in conference/workshop/course/seminarParticipation in workshop, seminar, course

  9. Informationsmøde i Dansk Solvarme Forening

    Simon Furbo (Invited speaker), 25 Jan 2011

    Activity: Other research and communication activitiesOther

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