Technical University of Denmark

  1. 2011
  2. Journal of Communications : Special Issue on IP Communication Services - TPC Member ( JCM-IPComm); ISSN 1796-2021_Q32011

    José Soler (Reviewer), 15 Jan 201115 Feb 2011

    Activity: Ongoing editorial workPeer review of manuscripts

  3. Årsmøde i Autoudvalget

    Ole Kveiborg (Speaker), 18 Jan 2011

    Activity: Lecture and oral contribution

  4. International expertgroup for the ORCA project in The Netherlands

    Kirsten Jørgensen (Interview person), 19 Jan 201131 Dec 2011

    Activity: Other research and communication activitiesPeriod visiting other institutions

  5. Effective Development and Verification of Railway Control Software

    Anne Elisabeth Haxthausen (Speaker), 21 Jan 2011

    Activity: Lecture and oral contribution

  6. 5th International Symposium Hydrogen & Energy

    Didier Blanchard (Participant), 23 Jan 201128 Jan 2011

    Activity: Participation in conference/workshop/course/seminarOrganisation of and participation in conference

  7. Bedre økonomi i private solfangere: Politiken

    Simon Furbo (Interview person), Politiken, 24 Jan 2011

    Activity: Appearance in mass mediaParticipation in Interview for Printed Media

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