Section for Management Systems

Former organisational unit. 31/12/2012.


Organisation profile

Main research areas of the section cover development of tools and methods to improve integrated fisheries and marine ecosystem management. One research area develops and explores tools for fisheries management and evaluation of management systems. This includes development of the foundation for the advice given based on data from commercial fisheries, research surveys, as well as procedures which takes into account differences in the fisheries efficiency, economy and behavior between fishing fleets and catch technologies. Associated hereto research is conducted on the implementation of ecosystem-based management methods and marine ecosystem models, including integrated area-based management, which involves relevant human activities and natural processes. The fisheries technology develops and explores catch methods that consider both the marine environment and the effectiveness and economy of the commercial fisheries in order to improve the catch selectivity. Furthermore, research is performed on the development of simulation models that can be used to predict and understand the selective qualities of fishing tools, catch efficiency, discard and economic consequences.

Head of Section: J. Rasmus Nielsen, tel. +45 35 88 33 81, +45 25 21 99 50; e-mail:


Contact information

Jægersborg Allé 1
  • Phone: +45 3588 3300
  • Fax: +45 3588 3333
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