Section for Freshwater Fisheries Ecology

  1. Published

    ABC i vandløbsrestaurering. / Nielsen, Jan; Sivebæk, Finn.

    In: Miljø- & vandpleje, Vol. 37, 2013, p. 4-28.

    Publication: CommunicationJournal article – Annual report year: 2013

  2. Published

    Aborre : Perca fluviatisis Linnaeus, 1758. / Berg, Søren.

    Atlas over danske ferskvandsfisk. ed. / Henrik Carl; Peter Rask Møller. København : Statens Naturhistoriske Museum, 2012. p. 569-585.

    Publication: ResearchBook chapter – Annual report year: 2012

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  4. Published

    Aborrens yngel - også en glubsk lille rovfisk. / Karm, Maria; Berg, Søren.

    In:, 2009.

    Publication: ResearchJournal article – Annual report year: 2009

  5. Published

    A brief discussion on the 2% tag/bodymass rule of thumb. / Jepsen, Niels; Schreck, C.B.; Clements, S.; Thorstad, E.B.

    Aquatic telemetry: advances and applications: Proceedings of the Fifth Conference on Fish Telemetry held in Europe. ed. / M.T. Spedicato; G. Lembo; G. Marmulla. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO, 2005. p. 255-259.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewArticle in proceedings – Annual report year: 2005

  6. Published

    A comparative study on determining fish numbers and biomass in lakes: Five methods compared with the true answer. / Berg, Søren; Jeppesen, E.; Lauridsen, T.; Müller, J.P.; Jensen, H.J.; Jepsen, Niels; Skov, Christian; Jacobsen, Lene.

    2002. Poster session presented at EIFAC Symposium on Inland Fisheries Management and the Aquatic Environment, Windermere, United Kingdom.

    Publication: ResearchPoster – Annual report year: 2002

  7. Published

    A comparison of SNP and STR loci for delineating population structure and performing individual genetic assignment. / Glover, Kevin A.; Hansen, Michael Møller; Lien, Sigbjørn; Als, Thomas Damm; Høyheim, Bjørn; Skaala, Øystein.

    In: BMC Genetics, Vol. 11, No. 2, 2010.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article – Annual report year: 2010

  8. Published

    A comparison of the growth of radio-tagged and dye-marked pike. / Jepsen, Niels; Aarestrup, Kim.

    In: Journal of Fish Biology, Vol. 55, No. 4, 1999, p. 880-883.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article – Annual report year: 1999

  9. Published

    Activity and food choice of piscivorous perch ( Perca fluviatilis ) in a eutrophic shallow lake: a radio-telemetry study. / Jacobsen, Lene; Berg, Søren; Broberg, M.; Jepsen, Niels; Skov, Christian.

    In: Freshwater Biology, Vol. 47, No. 12, 2002, p. 2370-2379.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article – Annual report year: 2002

  10. Published

    Adfærd hos aborre. / Jacobsen, Lene.

    In:, 2002.

    Publication: ResearchJournal article – Annual report year: 2002

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