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    Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Model To Evaluate Intramuscular Tetracycline Treatment Protocols To Prevent Antimicrobial Resistance in Pigs. / Ahmad, Amais; Græsbøll, Kaare; Christiansen, Lasse Engbo; Toft, Nils; Matthews, Louise; Nielsen, Søren .

    In: Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Vol. 59, No. 3, 2015, p. 1634-1642.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article – Annual report year: 2015

  2. Published

    Morphological and molecular analyses of larval taeniid species in small mammals from contrasting habitats in Denmark. / Al-Sabi, Mohammad Nafi Solaiman; Jensen, P. M.; Chrestensen, M. U.; Kapel, C. M. O.

    In: Journal of Helminthology, Vol. 89, No. 1, 2015, p. 112-117.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article – Annual report year: 2013

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    Checkpoint inhibitors in cancer immunotherapy: Cross reactivity of a CTLA-4 antibody and IDO-inhibitor L-1MT in pigs. / Al-Shatrawi, Zina Adil; Frøsig, Thomas Mørch; Jungersen, Gregers.

    2015. Abstract from 13th Annual meeting in the Association for Cancer Immunutherapy (CIMT), Mainz, Germany.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewConference abstract for conference – Annual report year: 2015

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    Immune and inflammatory responses in pigs infected with Trichuris suis and Oesophagostomum dentatum. / Andreasen, Annette; Petersen, Heidi H.; Kringel, Helene; Iburg, Tine M.; Skovgaard, Kerstin; Dawson, Harry; Urban Jr., Joseph F.; Thamsborg, Stig M.

    In: Veterinary Parasitology, Vol. 207, No. 3-4, 2015, p. 249-258.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article – Annual report year: 2014

  5. Published

    Foot-and-Mouth Disease. / Belsham, Graham; Charleston, Bryan; Jackson, Terry; Paton, David J.

    Encyclopedia of Life Sciences. John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2015.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewEncyclopedia chapter – Annual report year: 2015

  6. Accepted

    VASCULAR GENE EXPRESSION IN DIET-INDUCED ATHEROSCLEROTIC GÖTTINGEN MINIPIGS. / Blom, Lars; Skovgaard, Kerstin; Ludvigsen, T.P.; Kirk, R.K.; Christoffersen, Berit Østergaard; Pedersen, Hanne Dahl; Heegaard, Peter M. H.; Olsen, Lisbeth Høier.

    2015. Poster session presented at 83rd European Atherosclerosis Society Congress Glasgow, United Kingdom.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewPoster – Annual report year: 2015

  7. Published

    Simulator bruges i kampen mod plasmacytose. / Boklund, Anette ; Hisham Beshara Halasa, Tariq; Chriél, Mariann; Struve, Tina; Østergaard, Jørgen; Clausen, Jesper .

    In: Dansk Pelsdyravl, No. 1, 2015.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article – Annual report year: 2015

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  9. Published

    Detection of African Swine Fever Virus DNA in Blood Samples Stored on FTA Cards from Asymptomatic Pigs in Mbeya Region, Tanzania. / Braae, U. C.; Johansen, M. V.; Ngowi, H. A.; Rasmussen, Thomas Bruun; Nielsen, Jens; Uttenthal, Åse.

    In: Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, Vol. 62, No. 1, 2015, p. 87–90.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article – Annual report year: 2013

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