National Institute of Aquatic Resources

  1. Project: PhD

  2. Completed
  3. Completed
  4. Project

  5. Assessment of a mixed hake stocks off Namibia

    Kathena, J. N., Jansen, T., Thygesen, U. H., Hamukuaya, H. & Nielsen, A.


    Project: PhD

  6. Completed
  7. Completed
  8. Completed
  9. Completed
  10. Completed
  11. Completed

    MISTRA Working Group for Aquaculture Research in Sweden (38977)

    Jokumsen, A., Wenblad , A., Eskelinen, U. & Torrissen, O.



  12. Completed

    North Sea Mackerel or Mackerel in the North (Sea)?

    Jansen, T., Gislason, H., Mackenzie, B. R. & Sparholt, H.


    Project: PhD

  13. On the road to 2020 (38984)

    Larsen, E.



  14. Completed
  15. Completed
  16. Completed
  17. Akvakulturuddannelse

    Boutrup, T. S.



  18. PhD in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

    Fernandes, P. & Pedersen, P. B.


    Project: PhD

  19. Project: PhD

  20. Completed

    PhD in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

    Fernandes, P., Pedersen, P. B., Dalsgaard, A. J. T., Leiknes, T. & Brinker, A.


    Project: PhD

  21. PhD Scholarship in Physical Oceanography

    Rullyanto, A., Visser, A. W., Sørensen, J. T., Almeida, M., Mariani, P., Burchard, H. & Sharples, J.


    Project: PhD

  22. Completed

    Trait-based analysis and modelling of fish communities

    Steinhausen, M. F., Andersen, K. H., Gislason, H., Jørgensen, C., Falster, D. & Christensen, A.


    Project: PhD

  23. Completed
  24. Completed
  25. Completed


  26. Completed
  27. Completed

    The role of deep convection on the dynamics of the North Atlantic phytoplankton community

    Lindemann, C., Mariani, P., Brodersen, K., Mackenzie, B. R., Martin, A. P. & Bruggeman, J.


    Project: PhD

  28. Completed

    Fisheries Oceanography of Northern Pelagic Fish Populations

    Tsoukali, S., Mackenzie, B. R., Visser, A. W., Nielsen, T. G. & Folkvord, A.


    Project: PhD

  29. Completed
  30. Completed

    Strees coping Styles' effect on fitness and life history choice in wild salmonids

    Larsen, M. H., Aarestrup, K., Höglund, E., Skov, C., Koed, A., Lucas, M. & Thorstad, E.


    Project: PhD

  31. Completed
  32. Completed
  33. Completed
  34. Completed
  35. Completed

    PhD Scholarship in Marine Ecology and Climate

    Ferreira, A. S., Visser, A., MacKenzie, B., Gislason, H., Subramaniam, A. & Martin, A. P.


    Project: PhD

  36. Completed

    PhD Scholarship in Marine Ecology and Climate

    Ferreira, A. S. D. A., Mackenzie, B. R., Visser, A. W., Gislason, H. & Martin, A. P.


    Project: PhD

  37. Completed
  38. Completed

    Learning from the past and stepping into the future Population dynamics of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) revealed by historical DNA

    Bonanomi, S., Nielsen, E. E., Bekkevold, D., Olafsdottir, G. A. & Ogden, R.


    Project: PhD

  39. Completed
  40. Completed
  41. Completed

    Functional biology and ecological role of krill in northern marine ecosystema

    Zhang, Y., Nielsen, T. G., Brodersen, K., Neuenfeldt, S., Kaartvedt, S. & Schmidt, K.


    Project: PhD

  42. Completed
  43. Completed
  44. Completed
  45. Completed

    Trophic Role of Protozooplankton in Northern Marine Ecosystems

    Riisgaard, K., Nielsen, T. G., Brodersen, K., Kiørboe, T., Jakobsen, H. H. & Stoecker, D. K.


    Project: PhD

  46. Completed
  47. Completed
  48. Completed
  49. Completed
  50. Completed
  51. Completed
  52. Completed
  53. Completed
  54. Completed
  55. Completed


  56. Completed
  57. Completed
  58. Completed
  59. Completed
  60. Completed
  61. Completed
  62. Completed
  63. Completed

    Marine Survival of Sea Trout

    Del Villar, D., Aarestrup, K., Koed, A., Jepsen, N., Lucas, M. & Höjesjö, J.


    Project: PhD

  64. Completed

    The marine life of sea trout (Salmo trutta). Aspects of their migratory behaviour and survival

    Villar, D. D., Aarestrup, K., Koed, A., Jepsen, N. T., Lucas, M. & Höjesjö, J.


    Project: PhD

  65. Completed
  66. Completed
  67. Completed

    Strategies for success: Copecods in a seasonal world

    Sainmont, J., Visser, A. W., Andersen, K. H., Mariani, P., Aksnes, D. L. & Banas, N. S.


    Project: PhD

  68. Completed
  69. Completed
  70. Completed

    Management of fisheries in harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) marine protected areas

    Kindt-Larsen, L., Stage, B., Larsen, F., Northridge, S., Madsen, N., Read, A. J. & Macleod, K.


    Project: PhD

  71. Completed

    Project: PhD

  72. Completed

    Project: PhD

  73. Completed

    Early life of inshore fishes in Greenland With emphasis on Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)

    Danø, T., Munk, N. P., Nielsen, T. G., Støttrup, J. G., Folkvord, A. & Grønkjær, P.


    Project: PhD

  74. Completed
  75. Completed

    Population dynamic of high latitude copepods - with emphasis on Metridia longa

    Hansen, S. K., Kiørboe, T., Nielsen, T. G., Mariani, P., Head, E. & Varpe, Ø.


    Project: PhD

  76. Completed
  77. Completed
  78. Completed
  79. Completed
  80. Completed
  81. Completed
  82. Project

  83. Completed
  84. Completed
  85. Completed
  86. Completed
  87. Completed
  88. Completed
  89. Completed
  90. Completed
  91. Completed
  92. Completed
  93. Open Minds (38782)

    Larsen, E.



  94. Completed
  95. Completed
  96. Completed
  97. Completed
  98. Completed

    Urban flooding and health risk analysis by use of quantitative microbial risk assessment - Limitations and Improvements

    Andersen, S., Helwigh, O. M., Albrechtsen, H., Olsson, L., Djordjevic, S. & Ethelberg, S.


    Project: PhD

  99. Completed

    Project: PhD

  100. Completed

    Statistical aspects of fish stock assessment

    Berg, C. W., Nielsen, A., Thygesen, U. H., Bordin Hansen, B. & Andersen, K. H.


    Project: PhD

  101. Completed

    Ultrastructure of emulsions - a comparative electron microscopy study

    Jensen, L. S., Horsewell, A., Qvortrup, K., Wagner, J. B. & Hazekamp, J.


    Project: PhD

  102. Completed
  103. Completed

    Aquaculture application and ecophysiology of marine bacteria from the Roseobacter clade

    D'Alvise, P., Gram, L. K., Bossier, P. G. M. & Bahl, M. I.


    Project: PhD

  104. Completed

    Project: PhD

  105. Completed

    Project: PhD

  106. Completed
  107. Completed
  108. Completed

    On the way to successful European eel larval rearing: Impact of biophysical conditions and gamete quality

    Sørensen, S. R., Munk, N. P., Bossier, P. G. M., Tomkiewicz, J., Vadstein, O., Brodersen, K. & Geffen, A. J.


    Project: PhD

  109. Completed
  110. Completed

    Sexual selection in marine plankton

    Winding, M. H., Kiørboe, T., Koski, M. K., Bekkevold, D., Kimmerer, W. J. & Jonsson, P.


    Project: PhD

  111. Completed
  112. Completed

    In-situ identification of marine organisms using high-frequency, wideband ultrasound

    Jeppesen, S., Jensen, J. A., Stage, B., Lundgren, B. G. G., Thygesen, U. H. & Wahlberg, M.


    Project: PhD

  113. Completed

    Insights from the past - Retrospective monitoring of genetic variation in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)

    Therkildsen, N. O., Hemmer-Hansen, J., Nielsen, E. E., Bekkevold, D. & Hansen, M. M.


    Project: PhD

  114. Completed
  115. Completed

    Amino acid metabolism in gilthead seabream(Sparus aurata) - the fate of protein derived nitrogen

    Ekmann, K. S., Skov, P. V., Dalsgaard, A. J. T., Holm, J., Campbell, P. J., Pereira de Oliva Teles, A. M., Pedersen, P. B. & Damgaard Poulsen, H.


    Project: PhD

  116. Completed

    Effects of dietary nutrient composition on de novo lipogenesis in Gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata)

    Ekmann, K. S., Campbell, P. J., Holm, J., Dalsgaard, A. J. T., Skov, P. V., Pedersen, P. B. & Damgaard Poulsen, H.


    Project: PhD

  117. Completed

    Spectrum and activity of novel antimicrobial peptidomimetics

    Hein-Kristensen, L., Gram, L. K., Johansen, S. S. & Thomsen, L.


    Project: PhD

  118. Completed

    Hemorrhagic pneumonia in mink caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa

    Salomonsen, C. M., Johansen, S. S., Høiby, N., Boye, M., Ciofu, O. & Jensen, T. K.


    Project: PhD

  119. Completed
  120. Completed

    Linking development and growth to personalities in farmed rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

    Åberg-Andersson, M., Steffensen, J. F., Höglund, E. & Skov, P. V.


    Project: PhD

  121. Completed

    The molecular basis of local adaptation - A case study focusing on brown trout (Salmo trutta L.)

    Olsen, D. F., Hansen, M. M., Bekkevold, D., Damm Als, T., Skov, C. & Nielsen, E. E.


    Project: PhD

  122. Completed
  123. Completed
  124. Completed
  125. Completed

    Bioactivity and phylogeny of the marine bacterial genus Pseudoalteromonas

    Vynne, N., Gram, L. K., Juhl, T. M. & Hasman, H.


    Project: PhD

  126. Completed
  127. Completed
  128. Completed
  129. Completed
  130. Completed
  131. Completed
  132. Completed
  133. Completed
  134. Completed
  135. Completed
  136. Completed
  137. Completed
  138. Completed
  139. Completed

    Scaling of individual trout behaviour and life history to population dynamics

    Boel, M., Aarestrup, K., Koed, A., Skov, C., Thorstad, E. B. & Jacobsen, L.


    Project: PhD

  140. Completed


  141. Completed
  142. Completed
  143. Completed
  144. Completed

    Feeding ecology of gelationous plankton

    Jaspers, C., Kiørboe, T., Nielsen, T. G. & Brander, K.


    Project: PhD

  145. Completed

    Individual-based modeling of sandeel recruitment

    Gürkan, Z., Mosegaard, H. & Hüssy, K.


    Project: PhD

  146. Completed
  147. Completed

    Spatial patterns in the distribution and early life characteristics of North Sea cod - Influence from environmental factors and climate change

    Höffle, H., Mackenzie, B. R., Munk, N. P., Brander, K. & Grønkjær, P.


    Project: PhD

  148. Completed

    Torskens populationsdynamik i Nordsøen

    Höffle, H., MacKenzie, B., Munk, P., Gallego, A., Grønkjær, P. & Brander, K.


    Project: PhD

  149. Completed

    Aspects of lentic fish behaviour studied with high resolution positional telemetry

    Baktoft, H., Aarestrup, K., Jacobsen, L., Berg, S., Koed, A., Svendsen, J. C., Skov, C. & Rasmussen, G. V. H.


    Project: PhD

  150. Completed
  151. Completed

    B-glucan induced immune modulation of wound healing in common carp (Cyprinus carpio)

    Jimènez, N. I. V., Pizarro Alonso, A. R., Nielsen, M. E., Nellemann, C. & Skov, S.


    Project: PhD

  152. Completed

    Mucosal immune response in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) Host pathogen interactions in relation to S-glucan stimulation

    Przybylska, D., Nielsen, M. E., Nielsen, H. H. & Raida, M.


    Project: PhD

  153. Completed

    Cod Reproductive Ecology: Effect of Dietary Fatty Acids on Ovarian Maturation, Spawning Time and Quality of Eggs and Larvae

    Røjbek, M. C., Jacobsen, C., Støttrup, J. G., Tomkiewicz, J., Grønkjær, P. & Kraus, G.


    Project: PhD

  154. Completed
  155. Completed
  156. Completed
  157. Completed
  158. Completed

    Project: PhD

  159. Completed
  160. Completed

    Population structure and adaptation in fishes Insights from clupeid and salmonid species

    Limborg, M., Mackenzie, B. R., Hansen, M. M., Bekkevold, D., Nielsen, E. E. & Mosegaard, H.


    Project: PhD

  161. Completed

    Factors Influencing the Effect of Milkbased Emulsifiers on Lipid Oxidation in Omega-3 Emulsions

    Horn, A. F., Nielsen, L., Nielsen, N. S., Jacobsen, C., Andersen, M. L. & Jørgensen, M. H.


    Project: PhD

  162. Improved vaccination strategies in marine aquaculture

    Lorenzen, N., Rasmussen, J. S., Lorenzen, E., Olesen, N. J., Dalsgaard, I., Pedersen, K., Buchmann, K., Hansen, P. J., Henriksen, N. H., Hørlyck, V., Sørensen, K. E., Nielsen, T., Madsen, S. B., Nylén, J. & Melingen, G. O.



  163. Completed
  164. Completed
  165. Completed
  166. Completed
  167. Completed
  168. Completed
  169. Completed
  170. Completed
  171. Completed
  172. Completed
  173. Completed
  174. Completed
  175. Completed
  176. MyOcean (38134)

    Christensen, A. & Mariani, P.



  177. Completed
  178. Completed

    Physiology, phenology and behavioral strategies of forage fish - Studied through bioenergetic modeling

    Frisk, C., Kraus, G., Andersen, K. H., Andersen, N. G. & Jørgensen, C.


    Project: PhD

  179. Completed

    Rekruttering af brisling

    Frisk, C., Andersen, K. H., Kraus, G., Andersen, N. G., Jørgensen, C. & Peck, M. A.


    Project: PhD

  180. Completed
  181. Completed
  182. Completed

    Fish health and fish quality - Effects of tissue regeneration from a molecular perspective

    Ingerslev, H. C., Nielsen, H. H., Nielsen, M. E., Andersen, L. P. & Jessen, F.


    Project: PhD

  183. Completed

    A study of traceability and quality assurance in fish supply chains

    Randrup, M., Jørgensen, B., Frederiksen, M. T. & Nielsen, H. H.


    Project: PhD

  184. Completed

    Hidden Markov modelling of movement data from fish

    Pedersen, M. W., Thygesen, U. H., Bordin Hansen, B. & Jacobsen, C.


    Project: PhD

  185. Completed
  186. Completed
  187. Completed

    Antagonism of Roseobacter clade bacteria against pathogenic bacteria

    Porsby, C. H., Gram, L. K. & Jensen, L. B.


    Project: PhD

  188. Completed
  189. Completed
  190. Completed
  191. Completed
  192. Completed
  193. Completed
  194. Completed

    Proteomics in Nutritional Research A 2-DE based study of diet induced changes in the human plasma proteome

    Rentsch, M. L., Jessen, F., Lauritzen, L., Pedersen, L. V. & Jørgensen, B.


    Project: PhD

  195. Completed
  196. Completed
  197. Completed
  198. Completed
  199. Completed

    Project: PhD

  200. Completed
  201. Completed

    The effect of disinfectants on Listeria monocytogenes - phenotypic, physiological and genetic response

    Kastbjerg, V. G., Gram, L. K., Vogel, B. F., Licht, T. R. & Knøchel, S.


    Project: PhD

  202. Completed

    Superfrysning af fisk - optimering af kvalitet og økonomi

    Burgaard, M. G., Jørgensen, B. & Jessen, F.


    Project: PhD

  203. Completed
  204. Completed
  205. Completed
  206. Completed
  207. Completed


  208. Completed
  209. Completed
  210. Completed
  211. Completed
  212. Completed
  213. Completed
  214. Completed
  215. Completed
  216. Completed
  217. Completed

    BLUE REEF (38179)

    Støttrup, J. & Stenberg, C.



  218. Completed
  219. Completed
  220. Completed
  221. Completed

    Limfjord regime shift (38181)

    Støttrup, J., Dinesen, G. E., Hoffmann, E. & Tomczak, M. T.



  222. Completed
  223. Completed
  224. Completed
  225. Completed
  226. Completed

    Microbial Changes and Safety of Lightly Preserved Seafood

    Mejlholm, O., Dalgaard, P., Petersen, K., Ross, T. & Christensen, B. B.


    Project: PhD

  227. Completed

    Sensory Quality of Seafood - in the chain from catch to consumption

    Green-Petersen, D. M., Nielsen, J. A., Jørgensen, B., Hyldig, G. & Nielsen, H. H.


    Project: PhD

  228. Completed

    Factors of Importance for Virulence and Persistence of Listeria monocytogenes

    Holch, A., Ingmer, H., Gram, L. K., Vogel, B. F., Gahan, C. & Knøchel, S.


    Project: PhD

  229. Completed

    Morganella psychrotolerans Identification, Histamine Formation and Importance for Histamine Fish Poisoning

    Emborg, J., Dalgaard, P., Ahrens, P., Jiang, J. & Knøchel, S.


    Project: PhD

  230. Completed
  231. Completed
  232. Completed
  233. Completed
  234. Completed
  235. Completed

    The Quality of Cold Smoked Salmon - Influence of Raw Material and Technological Parameters

    Løje, H., Nielsen, J. A., Nielsen, H. H., Hyldig, G., Ofstad, R., Skåra, T. & Søndergaard, I.


    Project: PhD

  236. Completed
  237. Completed
  238. Completed
  239. Completed
  240. Completed
  241. Completed
  242. Completed
  243. Completed

    Production of Oxidatively Stable Fish Oil Enriched Food Emulsions

    Let, M. B., Jacobsen, C., Meyer, A. M. B., Andersen, H. J. & Jørgensen, B.


    Project: PhD

  244. Completed

    Kvalitetstyrings- og dokumentatikonssystem i sildeindustrien. forbedret dataopsamling og multivariat analyse

    Frosch, S., Bro-Jørgensen, R., Jørgensen, B., Ridder, C. & Juel, H.


    Project: PhD

  245. Completed
  246. Completed

    Natural Anti-Fungal Systems for Prevention of Mould Spoilage in Bakery Products

    Suhr, K., Rasmussen, B. K., Bertelsen, G. & Søndergaard, I.


    Project: PhD

  247. Completed


  248. Completed
  249. Completed

    Flavour Release from Model Systems - In Vitro and In Vivo Instrumental Measurements

    Haahr, A., Adler-Nissen, J., Stahnke, L. H., Greco, F., Marcussen, J., Patarinska, T. D. & Jørgensen, B.


    Project: PhD

  250. Completed

    Antioxidative defence

    Refsgaard, H., Jensen, B., Leif Skibsted, Bittmarie Sandstrom, Dragsted, L. O. & Andersen, H.



  251. Completed

    Dietary fats: Technology - Quality- Nutrition

    Høy, C., Porsgaard, T., Jensen, K., Nielsen, N. S., Mu, H., Børresen, T., Jacobsen, C., Adler-Nissen, J. & Xu, X.



  252. Completed
  253. Completed

    Fresh Fish with Traceable Quality

    Frederiksen, M. T., Filtenborg, O., Bremner, A., Møller, P. S., Sørensen, N. K. & Ohlsson, L. T.


    Project: PhD

  254. Completed

    Kvalitet af muskelbaserede fiskeprodukter

    Jensen, K. N., Nielsen, J. A., Jørgensen, B., Martens, H., Ofstad, R., Juel, H. & Jessen, F.


    Project: PhD

  255. Completed
  256. Completed
  257. Completed
  258. Completed
  259. Completed

    Membrane Bound Enzymes as Indicators of Frozen Storage of Fish

    Godiksen, H., Jessen, F., Nielsen, R. & Jørgensen, B.


    Project: PhD

  260. Completed

    Project: PhD

  261. Completed
  262. Project

  263. Completed
  264. Completed
  265. Completed

    Advanced methods for identification and quality monitoring of (heat) processed fish

    Jessen, F., Stampe-Villadsen, H. L., Luten, J., Rehbein, H., Etienne, M., Mendes, R., Perez-Martin, R., Craig, A., Malmheden-Yman, I., Martinez, I. & Åkesson, G.



  266. Completed

    Oxidationsmekanismer i fiskeolieholdige

    Jacobsen, C., Børresen, T. A., Adler-Nissen, J. & Meyer, A. M. B.


    Project: PhD

  267. Completed
  268. Completed
  269. Completed

    Project: PhD

  270. Completed
  271. Completed
  272. Completed


    Jessen, F. & Cappeln, G.



  273. Completed
  274. Completed

    Interatomare vekselvirkninger i metaller.

    Christensen, A., Nørskov, J. K. & Hansen, S. D.


    Project: PhD

  275. Completed

    Undersøgelse af de enzymatiske modningsprocesser i saltsild

    Nielsen, H. H., Børresen, T. A. & Adler-Nissen, J.


    Project: PhD

  276. Project

  277. Completed

    ECOSYSTEMS - An Operational Research Approach

    Beyer, J. E. & Brøns, M.


    Project: PhD

  278. Completed
  279. Completed
  280. Completed


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