Fundamental Electrochemistry

  1. 2014
  2. Published

    Influence of different carbon nanostructures on the electrocatalytic activity and stability of Pt supported electrocatalysts. / Stamatin, Serban Nicolae; Borghei, Maryam; Andersen, Shuang Ma; Veltzé, Sune; Ruiz, Virginia; Kauppinen, Esko; Skou, Eivind M.

    In: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol. 39, No. 16, 2014, p. 8215-8224.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article – Annual report year: 2014

  3. Published
  4. Published
  5. Published

    Phase Identification of Cu-In Alloys with 45 and 41.25 at.% In Compositions. / Baqué, Laura; Torrado, D.; Aurelio, G.; Lamas, D. G.; Arico, S. F.; Craievich, A. F.; Sommadossi, S.

    In: Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion, Vol. 35, No. 1, 2014, p. 2-10.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article – Annual report year: 2014

  6. Published

    Residual stresses in a co-sintered SOC half-cell during post-sintering cooling. / Charlas, Benoit; Chatzichristodoulou, Christodoulos; Brodersen, Karen; Kwok, Kawai; Norby, Poul; Chen, Ming; Frandsen, Henrik Lund.

    2014. Paper presented at 11th European SOFC and SOE Forum 2014, Lucerne, Switzerland.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewPaper – Annual report year: 2014

  7. E-pub ahead of print
  8. Published

    Sulfur Poisoning of SOFC Anodes: Effect of Overpotential on Long-Term Degradation. / Hauch, Anne; Hagen, Anke; Hjelm, Johan; Ramos, Tania.

    In: Electrochemical Society. Journal, Vol. 161, No. 6, 2014, p. F734-F743.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article – Annual report year: 2014

  9. 2013
  10. Published

    2nd Generation Alkaline Electrolysis : Final report. / Yde, Lars; Kjartansdóttir, Cecilia Kristin; Allebrod, Frank; Mogensen, Mogens Bjerg; Møller, Per; Hilbert, Lisbeth R.; Nielsen, Peter Tommy; Mathiesen, Troels; Jensen, Jørgen; Andersen, Lars; Dierking, Alexander.

    Århus University Business and Social Science – Centre for Energy Technologies, 2013. 72 p.

    Publication: ResearchReport – Annual report year: 2013

  11. Published
  12. Published
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