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In Energy Systems Analysis we combine technical and economic research focussing mainly on quantitative analysis within energy research. We develop methods and models and use these for technical, economic and policy analysis. Research activities are grouped into the four areas:

  • Macro-economics, econometrics, and forecast models
  • System modelling, optimization, and simulation
  • Micro-economics, regulation, and policy analysis
  • Evaluation and integration of new energy technologies

New research areas from 2013:

  • Analyses and modelling of hourly electricity consumption by individual customers. This will be based on data that is available from hourly electricity meters.
  • Analyses of energy savings, behaviour, incentives, policy instruments, and macro-economic effects.

Energy systems are facing a number of challenges, e.g. Internationalisation with more cross-border trade, especially of electricity, Integration of large amounts of variable, only partly predictable renewable energy with low marginal costs, and Investors are confronted with higher risk and uncertainty, partly as a consequence of market liberalisation and partly because of the two above mentioned issues. Moreover, long-term targets of abandoning the use of fossil fuels and improving energy efficiencies is challenging.

Our research is organized in projects, typically interdisciplinary, in collaboration with external partners, and covering several research areas. Most of our research is externally funded and we try to balance funding from Danish research programs, EU-research programs, and commercial contracts.

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Frederiksborgvej 399
  • Phone: +45 4677 5100
  • Fax: +45 4677 5199
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