Department of Physics

  1. Completed
  2. 3D Neutron Diffraction (3DND) methodology

    Cereser, A., Steuwer, A., Strobl, M., Hall, S. A. & Schmidt, S.


    Project: PhD

  3. Completed
  4. Completed
  5. Completed
  6. Completed
  7. Completed
  8. Completed
  9. Completed
  10. Completed
  11. Completed
  12. Completed
  13. Completed
  14. Completed
  15. Completed

    A quantitative description of subcutaneos injections: from needle to clinical effect

    Rasmussen, C. H., Colding-Jørgensen, M., Thirstrup, S., Mosekilde, E., Knudsen, C., Frøkjær, S., Rowland, M. & Berg-Sørensen, K.


    Project: PhD

  16. Completed
  17. Completed
  18. Completed

    H2 assisteret lavtemperatur SCR

    Fogel, S., Chorkendorff, I., Dahl, S., Yezerets, A., Arve, K. I. & Chakraborty , D.


    Project: PhD

  19. Completed
  20. Completed
  21. Completed

    Quantum Information Processing with Schrödinger Cat States

    Laghaout, A., Andersen, U. L., Bourennane, M., Brusch, A. & Marquardt, C.


    Project: PhD

  22. Completed
  23. Completed

    Real-time radiation dosimetry for improved patient safety in brachy therapy

    Kertzscher Schwencke, G. A. V., Tanderup, K., Andersen, C. E., Baltas, D., Tedgren, Å. K. C. & Lauritzen, B.


    Project: PhD

  24. Completed

    Monte Carlo based treatment plans for radiotherapy

    Cronholm, R., Behrens, C. F., Helt-Hansen, J., Andersen, C. E., Malinen, E., Jensen, M. & Chakarova, R.


    Project: PhD

  25. Completed
  26. Completed
  27. Completed
  28. Completed
  29. Completed
  30. Completed
  31. Completed
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