Department of Physics

  1. Ecoli Morphology Analysis

    Mateiu, R. V., Damsgaard, C. D., Lyngby Bregendahl, A. & Schultz Carstensen, M.



  2. ’Kemien, der kan alt’ – interaktivt læringsspil

    Zwisler, L., Lanng, M., Toldbod, I. & Søgaard, S. S.



  3. Completed
  4. Project: PhD

  5. 3D Neutron Diffraction (3DND) methodology

    Cereser, A., Steuwer, A., Strobl, M., Hall, S. A. & Schmidt, S.


    Project: PhD

  6. Computational Screening of Energy Materials

    Pandey, M., Hansen, S. D., Henriksen, C. M., Jónsson, H. & Wahnström, G.


    Project: PhD

  7. Modeling of level alignment and charge separation at donor/acceptor interfaces

    Ørnsø, K. B., Thygesen, K. S., Hansen, S. D., Degel, H., Boschloo, G. K. & Troisi, A.


    Project: PhD

  8. New Electro-catalysts for oxygen evolution and reduction

    Frydendal, R., Hansen, P. B. & Stephens, I.


    Project: PhD

  9. Completed
  10. Computational modelling of electron transport at metal-organic interfaces

    Hansen, S., Thygesen, K. S., Hansen, S. D., Ratner, M. A. & Pauly, F.


    Project: PhD

  11. Completed

    Electrochemical reduction of CO2 at low temperature in PEMFC-type electrolysis cells

    Casadevall, A. V., Hansen, P. B., Stephens, I., Hansen, R. B., Stamenkovic, V. R. & Kucernak, A. R.


    Project: PhD

  12. Completed

    Development of novel electrode-catalyst materials for Li-air battery cathodes

    Højberg, J., Johansen, K., Thaarup, A., Degel, H., Lastra, J. M. G., Hoster, H. E. & Edström, E. K.


    Project: PhD

  13. Completed
  14. Completed
  15. Completed
  16. Completed

    Project: PhD

  17. Completed
  18. Completed

    Project: PhD

  19. Completed

    Preparation and test of abundant and stable OER catalysts

    Paoli, E. A., Dahl, S., Hansen, P. B., Bæk, A., Grahl-Madsen, L. & Russell, A. E.


    Project: PhD

  20. Completed
  21. Completed
  22. Completed
  23. Completed
  24. Completed
  25. Completed
  26. Completed

    Quantum theory of plasmons in nanostructures

    Winther, K. T., Thygesen, K. S., Hansen, S. D., Henriksen, C. M., Puska, M. J. & García de Abajo, F. J.


    Project: PhD

  27. Completed
  28. Project: PhD

  29. Completed

    Single crystals studies of platinum alloys for oxygen reduction electrodes

    Ulrikkeholm, E. T., Dahl, S., Hansen, P. B., Tougaard, S. M., Schnadt, J. & Damsgaard, C. D.


    Project: PhD

  30. Completed
  31. Completed
  32. Completed
  33. Completed
  34. Completed

    Development and testing of new exchange correlation functionals

    Lundgård, K. T., Thygesen, K. S., Hansen, S. D., Henriksen, C. M., Haxthausen, A. E. & Tkatchenko, A.


    Project: PhD

  35. Completed
  36. Project: PhD

  37. Completed
  38. Completed
  39. Completed
  40. Completed

    Interior Point Methods on GPU with application to Model Predictive Control

    Gade-Nielsen, N. F., Haasum, I., Gregersen, K. K., Hansen, K., Knudsen, J. K. H. & Imsland, L.


    Project: PhD

  41. Completed
  42. Completed

    Advanced dry etching studies for micro- and nano-systems

    Rasmussen, K. H., Jensen, F., Bæk, A., Overgaard, P., Jørgensen, A., Carlsen, H., Stark, R. W. & Franssila, S. A.


    Project: PhD

  43. Completed
  44. Completed
  45. Completed

    Quasiparticle GW calculations within the GPAW electronic structure code

    Hüser, F., Thygesen, K. S., Henriksen, C. M., Aryasetiawan, F., Løvgreen, S. & Henriksen, A.


    Project: PhD

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