Department of Management Engineering

  1. Published

    Spatially-explicit LCIA endpoint model for marine eutrophication and application to future climatic-driven pressures. / Cosme, Nuno Miguel Dias (Author); Larsen, Henrik Fred (Author); Hauschild, Michael Zwicky (Author).

    2013. All at Sea 2013: An integrated approach to research in the coastal zone, York, United Kingdom, 04/07/2013.

    Publication: ResearchSound/Visual production (digital) – Annual report year: 2013

  2. Published

    Spatially-explicit LCIA model for marine eutrophication as a tool for sustainability assessment. / Cosme, Nuno Miguel Dias; Hauschild, Michael Zwicky.

    Abstract Book - DTU Sustain Conference 2014. Kgs. Lyngby : Technical University of Denmark, 2014.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewConference abstract in proceedings – Annual report year: 2014

  3. Published

    Spatial-Scale Characteristics of Precipitation Simulated by Regional Climate Models and the Implications for Hydrological Modeling. / Rasmussen, S.H.; Christensen, J. H.; Drews, Martin; Gochis, D.J.; Refsgaard, J.C.

    In: Journal of Hydrometeorology, Vol. 13, No. 6, 2012, p. 1817-1835.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article – Annual report year: 2013

  4. Published

    Special Course in TEM. / Stojko, Allan; Højerslev, Christian; Christiansen, Thomas; Rasmussen, Anette Alsted.

    2001. 41 p.

    Publication: ResearchReport – Annual report year: 2001

  5. Published

    Special Issue on Manufacturing Aspects in Process Tribology. / Bay, Niels.

    In: Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part B-journal of Engineering Manufacture, Vol. 220, No. 1, 2006, p. 1-1.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewEditorial – Annual report year: 2006

  6. Published

    Special issue on: “matheuristics”. / Archetti, Claudia; Pisinger, David; Speranza, M. Grazia.

    In: EURO Journal on Computational Optimization, Vol. 2, 2014, p. 221-222.

    Publication: ResearchEditorial – Annual report year: 2014

  7. Published

    Special section: Consumption and the environment - Perspectives from ecological economics - Introduction. / Røpke, Inge; Jacobs, Michael.

    In: Ecological Economics, Vol. 28, No. 3, 1999, p. 363-364.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article – Annual report year: 1999

  8. E-pub ahead of print

    Specielle optiske egenskaber – introduktion og biologisk inspiration. / Lenau, Torben Anker (Author).

    2010. Overflader med specielle visuelle optiske egenskaber : ATV-Semapp temadag, DTU Kongens Lyngby, 01/01/2010.

    Publication: CommunicationSound/Visual production (digital) – Annual report year: 2010

  9. Published

    Specification process reengineering: concepts and experiences from Danish industry. / Hansen, Benjamin Loer; Riis, Jesper; Hvam, Lars.

    10th ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering. 2003.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewArticle in proceedings – Annual report year: 2003

  10. Published

    Speech input interfaces for anaesthesia records. / Alapetite, Alexandre (Invited author); Andersen, Henning Boje (Invited author).

    In: Hospital Information & Technology Europe, Vol. 2, No. 3, 2009, p. 35-36.

    Publication: CommunicationJournal article – Annual report year: 2009

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