Department of Informatics and Mathematical Modeling

  1. Project: PhD

  2. Completed

    Large-Scale Algorithms for Nano-Scale atomistic Simulations

    Kretschmann, R., Smidstrup, S., Dammann, B. & Hansen, P. C.


    Project: PhD

  3. Project: PhD

  4. Chromatic Graph Theory

    Perrett, T. & Thomassen, C.


    Project: PhD

  5. Project: PhD

  6. Project: PhD

  7. Image Reconstruction under Non-Gaussian Noise

    Sciacchitano, F., Hansen, P. C. & Dong, Y.


    Project: PhD

  8. Project: PhD

  9. Project: PhD

  10. Algorithms for Metadata

    Vind, S. J., Bille, P., Gørtz, I. L., Clifford, R., Witt, C. & F. Italiano, G.


    Project: PhD

  11. Completed

    Algorithms for Metadata

    Vind, S., Grove-Rasmussen, J., Bille, P., Witt, C., Korskjær, P. & Gyllenberg Burkal, A. D. E.


    Project: PhD

  12. Portable and Predictable Performance Heterogeneous Embedded Manycores - Upper Level System stack

    Bonnichsen, L. F., Probst, C. H. & Karlsson, S. E.


    Project: PhD

  13. Project: PhD

  14. Project: PhD

  15. Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer Arrays for 3D Imaging

    Christiansen, T. L., Jensen, J. A., Carlsen, H., Jørgensen, A., Ringgaard, E. & Khuri-Yakub, B. T.


    Project: PhD

  16. Design of cognitive interfaces for personal informatics feedback

    Jensen, C. B., Larsen, J. E. & Dandekar, A.


    Project: PhD

  17. Project: PhD

  18. Completed

    SafeCores InfinIT Mini Project

    Stassen, F., Pop, P., Todirica, E. A. & Petersen, B.



  19. Project: PhD

  20. Temoral Dynamics of High Resolution Newworks

    Sekara, V., Jensen, M. H., Jørgensen, S. L., Bagrow, J. P., Holme, J. P. & Hansen, L. K.


    Project: PhD

  21. Completed

    Temoral Dynamics of High Resolution Newworks

    Sekara, V., Jørgensen, S. L., Jensen, M. H., Grønager, M., Bagrow, J. & Holme, J. P.


    Project: PhD

  22. Completed

    Individualized directional microphone optimization in hearing aids based on reconstructing 3D geometry of the head and ear from 2D photos

    Harder, S., Paulsen, R. R., Laugesen, S., Godskesen, R. L., Juhl, P. M. & Ballester, M. A. G.


    Project: PhD

  23. Organization-Oriented Programming in Multi-Agent Systems

    Jensen, A. S., Villadsen, J., Bolander, T., Hindriks, K. V. & Christiansen, H.


    Project: PhD

  24. Organization-Oriented Programming in Multi-Agent Systems

    Jensen, A. S., Villadsen, J., Gimsing, N. J., Wojciechowska, A. & Hindriks, K. V.


    Project: PhD

  25. Completed
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