Department of Informatics and Mathematical Modeling

  1. Completed

    Design of Integrated Circuits Approaching Terahertz Frequencies

    Yan, L., Johansen, T. K., Vidkjær, J. & Hansen, F.


    Project: PhD

  2. Completed

    Project: PhD

  3. Completed

    Grey box Modelling of Hydraulic Systmes

    Thordarson, F. Ö., Madsen, H., Madsen, H., Poulsen, N. K., Poulsen, N. K. & Willems, P.


    Project: PhD

  4. Completed
  5. Completed

    Robust procedures in chemometrics

    Kotwa, E. K., Givskov, M. C., Nielsen, S. E. B., Westad, F. O. & Halladin, C.


    Project: PhD

  6. Completed

    Project: PhD

  7. Completed

    Power and Thermal Management of System-on-chips

    Liu, W., Madsen, J., Nannarelli, A., Pop, P., Alonso, D. A. & Tisserand, A.


    Project: PhD

  8. Completed

    A Flexible Audio SoC Design Methodology

    Tranberg-Hansen, A. S., Madsen, J., Pop, P., Lindwer, M. & Eles, P.


    Project: PhD

  9. Completed

    System Level Modelling and Performance Estimation of Embedded Systems

    Tranberg-Hansen, A. S., Hansen, B. B., Pop, P. & Eles, P.


    Project: PhD

  10. Completed

    Image Analysis of Food Quality

    Arngren, M., Larsen, R., Hansen, P. W., Larsen, J., Dias, J. M. B., Hansen, L. K. & van den Berg, F. W.


    Project: PhD

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