Department of Environmental Engineering

  1. Project: PhD

  2. Completed
  3. Completed
  4. Completed
  5. Completed
  6. Completed
  7. Completed
  8. Completed
  9. Completed

    Assessment of resource quality in waste management

    Vyzinkarova, D., Astrup, T. F., Rechberger, H. & Hellweg, S.


    Project: PhD

  10. Completed
  11. Project: PhD

  12. SvømSundt

    Andersen, H. R.



  13. Completed
  14. Completed


    Gunnarsson, I. B., Angelidaki, I., Karakashev, D. B., Norddahl, B., Dechesne, A. & Verstraete, W.


    Project: PhD

  15. Biorefinery

    Zhang, Y., Karakashev, D. B., Orloff, A., Andersson, P., Verstraete, W. & Norddahl, B.


    Project: PhD

  16. Completed

    Characterisation and treatment of nano-sized and colloidal xenobiotic pollution in stormwater

    Nielsen, K., Stromvall, A., Nyholm, N., Olsen, A., Lützhøft, H. H., Thomsen, L. B. & Viklander, M.


    Project: PhD

  17. Completed

    Resistance to gene flow in soil microbial communities

    Klümper, U., Barlebo, H. C., Andersson, P., Albrechtsen, H., Graham, D. W. & Rensing, C.


    Project: PhD

  18. Completed

    The role of micro-niches and chemical gradients for the degradation of contaminants in groundwater

    Pedersen, L., Barlebo, H. C., Jakobsen, R., Andersson, P., Binning, P. J., Tebbe, C. & Brandt, K. K.


    Project: PhD

  19. Completed
  20. Completed
  21. Completed

    Hydroeconomic modeling to support integrated water resources management in China

    Davidsen, C., Rosbjerg, D., Skovrup, M. J., Liu, S., Mo, X., Foldager, P., Tilmant, A. & Jia, S.


    Project: PhD

  22. Completed

    Project: PhD

  23. Completed

    Resource recovery from waste incineration residues

    Allegrini, E., Christensen, L. B., Forsyth, L., Kjeldsen, P., Boelskifte, M. & Grosso, M.


    Project: PhD

  24. AFATEK

    Astrup, T. F.



  25. Project

  26. Completed
  27. Completed

    Uncertainties in extreme precipitation under climate change conditions

    Sunyer, M., Rosbjerg, D., Arnbjerg-Nielsen, K., Binning, P. J., Refsgaard, J. C. & Kilsby, C.


    Project: PhD

  28. Completed
  29. Completed
  30. Completed
  31. Completed
  32. Completed

    Life cycle assessment of sewage sludge treatment and its use on land

    Yoshida, H., Oddershede, L., Christensen, T. H., Forman, M., Jönsson, H. & Neidel, T. L.


    Project: PhD

  33. Completed
  34. Completed

    Project: PhD

  35. Completed
  36. Completed
  37. Completed

    Processes effecting nitrification performance in biological rapid sand filters

    Lee, C. O., Andersen, P. A., Barlebo, H. C., Binning, P. J., Albrechtsen, H., Plósz, B., Klevebring, D. & Rietveld, L. C.


    Project: PhD

  38. Completed

    Project: PhD

  39. Completed

    Reducing uncertainty in future extreme precipitation

    Sørup, H. J. D., Arnbjerg-Nielsen, K., Christensen, O. B., Mikkelsen, P. S., Binning, P. J., Olsson, J. & Thorndahl, S.


    Project: PhD

  40. Project

  41. Project

  42. Completed

    Modelling of secondary sedimentation under wet-weather and filamentous bulking conditions

    Ramin, E., Plósz, B., Olsson, L., Skovrup, M. J., Comas, J. & Bentzen, T. R.


    Project: PhD

  43. Completed
  44. Completed

    Environmental Impacts Assessment of Recycling of Construction and Demolition Waste

    Butera, S., Christensen, T. H., Christensen, L. B., Kjeldsen, P., Birgisdottir, H. & Polettini, A.


    Project: PhD

  45. Completed
  46. Completed
  47. Completed
  48. Completed

    Landfill gas generation and emission at Danish waste disposal sites receiving low-organic waste

    Mou, Z., Oddershede, L., Kjeldsen, P., Forman, M., Rintala, J. A. & Gregory, R. G.


    Project: PhD

  49. Completed

    Life Cycle Assessment of Electricity Systems

    Turconi, R., Christensen, L. B., Oddershede, L., Powers, S. E. & Neuts, M.


    Project: PhD

  50. Completed
  51. Completed

    Nitrification biokinetics in rapid sand filters for drinking water treatment

    Tatari, K., Barlebo, H. C., Nielsen, P. B., Albrechtsen, H., Olsen, L. C., Uhl, W. & Pettersson, T.


    Project: PhD

  52. Completed
  53. Completed
  54. Completed
  55. Project

  56. Project

  57. Thalis

    Angelidaki, I. & Andersen, H. R.



  58. Completed
  59. Completed

    Project: PhD

  60. Completed

    Quantifying greenhouse gas emissions from waste treatment facilities

    Mønster, J., Oddershede, L., Kjeldsen, P., Forsyth, L., Oonk, J. & Imhoff, P. T.


    Project: PhD

  61. Completed
  62. Completed
  63. Enpera



  64. Completed
  65. Completed

    LCA of waste management systems: Development of tools for modelling and uncertainty analysis

    Clavreul, J. C. M., Christensen, T. H., Svendsen, S., Astrup, T. & Kirkeby, J.


    Project: PhD

  66. Completed

    Project: PhD

  67. Completed
  68. Completed
  69. Project

  70. Danish Nanosaftety Center

    Baun, A. & Baun, A.



  71. Completed
  72. Completed

    Energy recovery from waste streams with microbial fuel cell (MFC)-based technologies

    Zhang, Y., Orloff, A., Norddahl, B., Verstraete, W. & Karakashev, D. B.


    Project: PhD

  73. Completed
  74. Completed

    Project: PhD

  75. Completed
  76. Project

  77. Completed

    Updating river basin models with radar altimetry

    Michailovsky, C., Skovrup, M. J., Madsen, H. & Olsson, L.


    Project: PhD

  78. Completed

    A framework for joint management of regional water-energy systems

    Cardenal, S. J., Madsen, H., Skovrup, M. J., Arnbjerg-Nielsen, K. & Olsson, L.


    Project: PhD

  79. Completed
  80. Project

  81. Completed
  82. Completed
  83. Completed

    Project: PhD

  84. Completed
  85. RiskCycle

    Kusk, K. O. & Christensen, T. H.



  86. Completed

    Project: PhD

  87. Completed
  88. Completed
  89. Completed
  90. Completed

    Livscyklus- og risikoanalyse af alternative teknologier og ressourcer til drikkevandsforsyningen

    Godskesen, B., Matsson, O. L., Foldager, P., Zambrano, K. C., Albrechtsen, H., Lindgaard-Jørgensen, P. & Astrup, T.


    Project: PhD

  91. Completed
  92. Completed
  93. Completed

    Project: PhD

  94. Completed
  95. AQUA Fingerprint

    Arvin, E.



  96. Completed
  97. Completed

    Project: PhD

  98. Completed

    Integrated ecohydrological modeling at the catchment scale

    Loinaz, M. C., Butts, M., Skovrup, M. J., Bøgh, E. & Binning, P. J.


    Project: PhD

  99. Completed

    Project: PhD

  100. Project

  101. NanoSafe 2



  102. Completed

    Real Time Updating in Distributed Urban Rainfall Runoff Modelling

    Borup, M., Madsen, H., Olsson, L., Grum, M., Arnbjerg-Nielsen, K., Savic, D. A. & Weerts, A.


    Project: PhD

  103. RESCOBIR-2



  104. Project

  105. Completed
  106. Completed

    Strategies for chemically healthy public swimming pools

    Hansen, K. M. S., Andresen, P. R., Olsen, L. C., Albrechtsen, H., Nielsen, H. B. & Grønborg, O.


    Project: PhD

  107. Completed

    Hydrogeological Characterization of Low-permeability Clayey Tills - the Role of Sand Lenses

    Kessler, T., Nilsson, B., Bjerg, P. L., Klint, K. E., Piotrowski, J. A. & Jakobsen, R.


    Project: PhD

  108. Completed

    Project: PhD

  109. Completed
  110. Completed

    Informing groundwater models with near-surface geophysical data

    Bruhn, J. B., Auken, E., Skovrup, M. J., Binning, P. J. & Jensen, K. H.


    Project: PhD

  111. Completed
  112. Project

  113. Project

  114. Completed
  115. Completed

    Enhanced reductive dechlorination in clay till contaminated with chlorinated solvents

    Damgaard, I., Broholm, M. M., Bjerg, P. L. & Jakobsen, R.


    Project: PhD

  116. Completed
  117. Completed

    Modelling tools for assessing bioremediation performance and risk of chlorinated solvents in clay tills

    Chambon, J., Bjerg, P. L., Binning, P. J., Brauns, B. & Albrechtsen, H.


    Project: PhD

  118. Completed

    Project: PhD

  119. Completed
  120. Completed
  121. Completed

    Project: PhD

  122. Completed
  123. Completed

    Project: PhD

  124. Project

  125. Completed

    Legionella in habitations: detection and risk factors

    Krøjgaard, L. H., Uldum, S., Krogfelt, K., Albrechtsen, H., Olesen, O. & Klevebring, D.


    Project: PhD

  126. Completed
  127. Completed

    Distributed models coupling soakaways, urban drainage and groundwater

    Bergman, M., Helwigh, O. M., Binning, P. J., Olsson, L., Arnbjerg-Nielsen, K. & Jiang, W.


    Project: PhD

  128. Completed

    Project: PhD

  129. Project

  130. Completed
  131. Completed

    Stabilization of arsenic and chromium polluted soils using water treatment residues

    Noer, M., Kjeldsen, P., Jakobsen, R., Bjerg, P. L. & Holm, P.


    Project: PhD

  132. Completed
  133. Completed

    Miljøvurdering af Grønlands affaldssystem

    Eisted, R., Christensen, T. H., Kahlig, W., Kirkeby, J. & Kjeldsen, P.


    Project: PhD

  134. Cirius - Ondrej Mikes

    Harsting, A.



  135. Completed

    Project: PhD

  136. Completed

    Project: PhD

  137. Completed
  138. Pesticides and nanovectors



  139. Completed
  140. Project

  141. Project

  142. Completed

    Project: PhD

  143. Completed
  144. Completed

    Ecotoxicity of engineered nanoparticles to freshwater organisms

    Hartmann, N. I. B., Nyholm, N., Binderup, M., Nielsen, H. B. & Stuer-Lauridsen, F.


    Project: PhD

  145. Completed

    Project: PhD

  146. Completed
  147. Completed
  148. Completed
  149. Completed
  150. Completed
  151. Completed
  152. Completed
  153. Completed
  154. Completed

    Optimal Allocation of Water and Land Resources at the Catchment Scale

    Riegels, N., Bauer-Gottwein, P., Møller, F., Jensen, R. A., Arnbjerg-Nielsen, K., Termansen, M. & Cai, X.


    Project: PhD

  155. Completed

    Using hydro-economic modelling to investigate trade-offs between ecological and economic water management objectives

    Riegels, N. D., Jensen, R. A., Møller, F., Skovrup, M. J., Arnbjerg-Nielsen, K. & Termansen, M.


    Project: PhD

  156. Completed

    Biogas production from food-processing industrial wastes by anaerobic digestion

    Fang, C., Boe, K., Orloff, A., Mattiasson, B., Norddahl, B. & Karakashev, D. B.


    Project: PhD

  157. Completed
  158. Completed
  159. Completed
  160. Completed

    Project: PhD

  161. Completed

    Compaction Modeling in Hydrocarbon Reservoir

    Alam, M. M., Fabricius, I. L., Foged, N. N., G. Stage, M. & Vadla Madland, M.


    Project: PhD

  162. Completed
  163. Completed
  164. Completed

    Environmental Exposure Modeling for Chemical Risk Assessment

    Franco, A., Trapp, S., van de Meent, D., Wania, F. & Baun, A.


    Project: PhD

  165. Completed

    Project: PhD

  166. Completed

    Integrating climatic information in water resources modelling and optimisation

    Gelati, E., Madsen, H., Rosbjerg, D., Skovrup, M. J. & Uvo, C. B.


    Project: PhD

  167. Completed
  168. Completed
  169. Completed

    Source-Flux-Fate Modelling of Priority Pollutants in Stormwater Systems

    Vezzaro, L., Olsson, L., Nørgaard, B., Plósz, B., Stenstrom, M. & Destouni, G.


    Project: PhD

  170. Completed
  171. Project

  172. Completed
  173. Completed
  174. ATP On-line

    Albrechtsen, H.



  175. Project

  176. Project

  177. Completed
  178. Completed

    Improved Anaerobic Digestion of Energy Crops

    Bruni, E., Angelidaki, I., Jensen, A. P., Norddahl, B., Mattiasson, B. & Baun, A.


    Project: PhD

  179. Completed
  180. Completed
  181. Biogrowth - VF

    Christensen, T. H.



  182. Completed
  183. Completed

    Risk assessment models and uncertainty estimation of groundwater contamination from point sources

    Troldborg, M., Bjerg, P. L., Binning, P. J., Skovrup, M. J. & Refsgaard, J. C.


    Project: PhD

  184. Completed
  185. Completed
  186. Completed

    Project: PhD

  187. Completed

    Life-cycle modelling of waste management in Europe: tools, climate change and waste prevention

    Gentil, E., Christensen, T. H., Matsson, O. L., Astrup, T. & Fischer, C.


    Project: PhD

  188. Completed
  189. Completed
  190. Completed
  191. Completed
  192. Completed
  193. Completed

    Project: PhD

  194. Completed

    Environmental Assessment of Solid Waste Landfilling in a Life Cycle Perspective (LCA model EASEWASTE)

    Manfredi, S., Christensen, T. H., Kirkeby, J. & Kjeldsen, P.


    Project: PhD

  195. Completed
  196. Completed
  197. Completed
  198. Completed
  199. Completed


  200. Completed
  201. Completed
  202. Completed
  203. Completed
  204. Completed

    Environmental Assessment of Garden Waste Management

    Forsyth, L., Christensen, T. H., Orloff, A. & Jensen, L. S.


    Project: PhD

  205. Completed
  206. Completed
  207. Completed

    Implementation of life cycle assessment models in solid waste management

    Forman, M., Christensen, T. H., Kirkeby, J. & Kjeldsen, P.


    Project: PhD

  208. Completed

    Methods for enhanced delivery of in situ remediation amendments in contaminated clay till

    Christiansen, C. M., Bjerg, P. L., Siegrist, R. L., Larsen, T. H. & Jakobsen, R.


    Project: PhD

  209. Completed
  210. Completed
  211. Completed
  212. Completed
  213. Completed
  214. Completed

    Project: PhD

  215. Completed
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