Center for Nuclear Technologies


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Center for Nuclear Technologies is Denmark’s national competency center for nuclear technology.
With roots in research in the peaceful use of nuclear power, DTU Nutech works with the applications of ionizing radiation and radioactive substances for the benefit of society.

The Hevesy Laboratory develops radiotracers for the diagnosing of particularly cancer. The center's expertise in radiation dosimetry is used both for radiation sterilization, for medical purposes and for dating. A third field of application is the studies and analysis of radioactive isotopes in the environment, in food and in materials. The center also monitors radioactive substances and radiation levels in the Danish environment, contributing to the national nuclear emergency.

DTU Nutech is organised into three departments: 

  • The Hevesy Laboratory 
  • Radiation Physics 
  • Radioecology

The Center includes the former Risø Workshop, which, among other things, produces a so-called Risø TL/OSL Reader. The instrument is developed at Risø DTU and can be used for dating soil and sediments, for controlling any radiation of food and for retrospective dosimetry.

Center for Nuclear Technologies is located at DTU Risø Campus in Roskilde.

Director: Jens-Peter Lynov


Contact information

Frederiksborgvej 399
  • Phone: +45 4677 4900
  • Fax: +45 4677 4959
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