Bacteriology & Pathology

Former organisational unit. 01/11/2012. Taken over by Section for Bacteriology, Pathology and Parasitology


Organisation profile

The research group uses, develops and optimizes methods for identification and typing of microorganisms, mainly bacteria and in a lesser degree other microbial pathogens.


The research in pathology is focused on investigation of disease complexes as respiratory and intestinal diseases in production animals, including development of new diagnostic techniques using molecular methods and advanced technical equipment. Infection models are developed in order to perform studies in pathogenesis.


The research in bacteriology is focused on bacterial species related to economically important infectious diseases in mainly fish, swine, and  cattle.

The research aims at establishing methods for improved detection and characterization of bacteria. Research is performed in the use of phage-therapy in fish. An ongoing research project aim at developing genetically based methods for assessment of antibiotic resistance in animal herds. The research activities includes methods of molecular genetics, immunology and biochemistry. Development and evaluation of quick identification and typing methods are a central part of this research.

Of great importance is the use and evaluation of methods that compare microbiological, serological and epidemiological data obtained from animal herds, which will increase the knowledge of the importance of the different bacterial pathogens in real life.

Head of group is senior researcher Øystein Angen


Contact information

Bülowsvej 27
Frederiksberg C
  • Phone: +45 35 88 60 00
  • Fax: +45 35 88 60 01
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