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  1. 2009
  2. Published

    Pseudomonas aeruginosa recognizes and responds aggressively to the presence of polymorphonuclear leukocytes. / Alhede, Morten; Bjarnsholt, T.; Jensen, P.O.; Phipps, Richard Kerry; Moser, C.; Christophersen, L.; Christensen, L.D.; van Gennip, M.; Parsek, M.; Hoiby, N.; Rasmussen, T.B.; Givskov, M.

    In: Microbiology, Vol. 155, No. Part 11, 2009, p. 3500-3508.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article – Annual report year: 2009

  3. 2008
  4. Published

    NADPH-dependent glutamate dehydrogenase in Penicillium chrysogenum is involved in regulation of beta-lactam production. / Thykær, Jette; Kildegaard, Kanchana Rueksomtawin; Noorman, H.; Nielsen, Jens.

    In: Microbiology, Vol. 154, 2008, p. 1242-1250.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article – Annual report year: 2008

  5. Published

    Role of quorum sensing by Pseudomonas aeruginosa in microbial keratitis and cystic fibrosis. / Willcox, M.D.P.; Zhu, H.; Conibear, T.C.R.; Hume, E.B.H.; Givskov, Michael Christian; Kjelleberg, S.; Rice, S.A.

    In: Microbiology-sgm, Vol. 154, 2008, p. 2184-2194.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article – Annual report year: 2008

  6. Published
  7. Published

    Type 3 fimbriae, encoded by the conjugative plasmid pOLA52, enhance biofilm formation and transfer frequencies in Enterobacteriaceae strains. / Burmølle, Mette; Bahl, Martin Iain; Jensen, Lars Bogø; Sørensen, Søren J.; Hansen, Lars Hestbjerg.

    In: Microbiology-SGM, Vol. 154, No. 1, 2008, p. 187-195.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article – Annual report year: 2008

  8. 2007
  9. Published

    Biofilm-Exclusion of Uropathogenic Bacteria by Selected Asymptomatic Bacteriuria Escherichia Coli Strains. / Ferriéres, L.; Hancock, Viktoria; Klemm, Per.

    In: Microbiology, Vol. 153, No. 6, 2007, p. 1711-1719.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article – Annual report year: 2007

  10. Published
  11. 2006
  12. A novel class of CoA-transferase involved in short-chain fatty acid metabolism in butyrate-producing human colonic bacteria. / Charrier, Cedric; Duncan, Gary J.; Reid, Martin D.; Rucklidge, Garry J.; Henderson, Donna; Young, Pauline; Russell, Valerie J.; Aminov, Rustam; Flint, Harry J.; Louis, Petra.

    In: Microbiology, Vol. 152, No. Part 1, 2006, p. 179-185.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewJournal article – Annual report year: 2006

  13. Published

    Genome update: purine strand bias in 280 bacterial genomes. / Champ, Paul Christopher; Binnewies, Tim Terence; Nielsen, Niklas; Zinman, G.; Kiil, Kristoffer; Wu, H.; Bohlin, J.; Ussery, David.

    In: Microbiology, Vol. 152, 2006, p. 579-583.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewEditorial – Annual report year: 2006

  14. 2005
  15. Published

    Genome update: 2D clustering of bacterial genomes. / Willenbrock, Hanni; Binnewies, Tim; Hallin, Peter, Fischer; Ussery, David.

    In: MICROBIOLOGY-SGM, Vol. 151, 2005, p. 333-336.

    Publication: ResearchJournal article – Annual report year: 2005

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